Wynwood Central Artist Collective

The Wynwood Central Artist Collective was commissioned to celebrate and show appreciation for the talented artists who have helped make Wynwood an internationally recognized arts center.  Developed and managed by Oberhausen Marketing & Public Relations (OBR) and produced and curated by prolific and esteemed street artist Daniel Fila, a.k.a. KRAVE, and Yuval Ofir of Yo Miami, the exhibit showcased the works of nine prominent local street artists on the fencing of the Wynwood Central construction site during Art Basel 2013.

The Wynwood Central project, located on NW 24th Street and NW 2nd Avenue, is Wynwood’s first ground-up mixed-use development.  Inspired and designed by a team of locals with deep appreciation for Wynwood’s creative history and impact, Wynwood Central will provide purposefully-designed retail, residential, office and green spaces that reflect the creative and independent spirit of the neighborhood.  To learn more about the artists and project, click to see video Wynwood Central Artist Collective Video