Stantec Flips the Script on Bland Office Kitchens

suffolk_kitchenIt’s 2017 and the workplace lounge is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of generic tables and chairs, awful fluorescent lighting, and laminate countertops. These days, designers are kicking things up a notch to create a home-like space for that one special area in the office that serves as the heart and soul of employee gatherings – the office kitchen.

Companies of all sizes and specialties are revamping their office kitchens with modern design elements, bright colors, and warm welcoming furniture pieces that make you forget you’re on a lunch break at the office. Designers like those at Stantec Miami strive to create more welcoming environments where employees can gather and socialize comfortably, rather than eat at their desks. Most recently, Stantec Miami has designed unique office kitchen spaces for clients including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inktel, Suffolk Construction, Hamburg Sud, and Hemisphere Media Group.

A few popular design trends Stantec is incorporating into office kitchen projects for its clients right now are pops of color using the company’s brand colors to emphasize a sense of place and unity, as well as physical spaces that encourage culture and engagement.

The choice of furniture, lighting and colors are all integral parts of inspiring beautifully designed spaces, but comfort and functionality are equally important. Check out some of our favorite workplace kitchen designs by Stantec