OBR President Josh Oberhausen Joins FIU Interior Architecture Advisory Board

We’re excited to announce that our President Josh Oberhausen recently became a member of FIU’s Interior Architecture Advisory Board.

The advisory board is a visionary organization composed of volunteers from the design professional community forming a bridge between the design profession and FIU’s academia. The board members work with FIU’s Interior Architecture program to promote quality education that is essential to developing excelling interior design architects who are life-long learners capable of creating interiors that transform people’s lives.

The board also acts to raise awareness of FIU’s Interior Architecture program, assists in developing curricular content, and works to support the program and its students.

As someone who is passionate about interior design and whose career has pushed forward great local designers, Josh’s addition to the board will further assist in promoting the program’s vision and goals. We look forward to sharing with you their accomplishments!