Creating a Distinctive Restaurant Brand for Beloved Chef Bee

Chef Bee came to OBR with a restaurant name, NaiYaRa, influenced by his daughter and the characters of the revered Asian elephant. Other than that, the brand was completely undeveloped.

We knew that we had an incredible opportunity to create a distinctive brand and identity that only Chef Bee and his genuine Thai counterparts could deliver. So we began learning his history and influences, studying the market and developing a unique story for NaiYaRa that included its position, values, tenants and visual identity.

We knew that we had an opportunity to pay off genuine Thai culture in a more urban, street fare setting that influenced Chef Bee growing up, so we commissioned a local artist partner, Daniel Fila (aka Krave), to travel to Thailand to gather imagery, specific artwork and details from the scenes of Bangkok, Chaing Mai and others.

The research in Thailand and our defined brand positioning allowed us to create a space that is industrial, real, artful and reflective of true Thai culture.


  • Identity
  • Storytelling


  • Brand Development
  • Identity Design
  • Positioning
  • Website Development
  • Menu Design
  • Art Creation And Installation